TONOR Remote Control Wall Climbing Climber Toy Rocket Car Red

TONOR Remote Control Wall Climbing Climber Toy Rocket Car Red

Who is excited to open his TONOR 4CH Remote Control RC Wall?

Oh yea, no other than my seven-year-old son who is crazy about remote control cars.

What my son did was he put the car direct straight to the wall and do the maneuver by using the remote control. 

He enjoyed playing with it, having fun for an hour or so.

The drawback is it takes a lot of batteries before you can use, have at least 6x AA batteries which I believe is worth it due to fun experience your child is getting.

It also functions in any flat surface such as floors, carpeted or wooden floors.

And for the price that cost you to buy one, it is I believe worth spending for knowing that your child is in the happiest place while playing the TONOR remote control cars longer as he wanted to.



TONOR 4CH Remote Control RC Wall Climbing Climber Rocket Toy Car Racer Red

Topop WiFi Action Camera For Biking, Surficing, Swimming Etc. Accessories Included

The Topop Wifi Action Camera arrived timely via Prime.

It came in a brown cardboard box with three compartments on it, securely sealed in clear plastic bag, very safe and secure for transit, arrived safe and sound.

On the inside, you can see a two white square boxes in same size, along with the other one that is a bit bigger in size compared to the two.

Two of the white boxes contains multiple of camera accessories, and the other mainly, for the action camera itself.

I have always been wanting to have an action camera. I owned different types of cameras from cheaper to expensive ones since my husband is into photography and I have the opportunity to share one of the good ones.

But action camera is what I needed and wanting the most. I want to be more independent going out and about, taking a snap of every little/big thing that means a lot to me, and only action camera can provide me with a total satisfaction I need, regardless where part of the world I am in.

On the video, I’ve been showing some of the accessories included, and as you can see it is very easy to use, a user-friendly device, be mindful of taking the camera out from the case, a little bit tricky in there, hope you able to see a bit of the video.

The action camera is quite small, it surprised me in a good way, though. Yes, I love it.

A manual instruction provided, you’ll get started in minutes.

To turn it on press the ON button at the front just for quick seconds, for turning OFF press a bit longer and let it go, the screen will go off by itself.

You may need to have a micro SD which, unfortunately, I don’t have at the moment, but ordered one already, and when you have one you can take photos/videos right immediately, and it’s there ready for you to use anytime.

It is a good quality camera that you would love and enjoy creating memories whatever you do and wherever you go.

A powerful little device that made you awed in life, it’s a total must if you don’t want to miss a single milestone of your journey to life.

I am glad that I have it with me, and started from this very day, I could no longer afford for any excuses of not taking a photos or videos that mean the world to me.

Yes, especially down under the sea capturing all those beautiful creatures that are hiding behind the surface.


action camera

action camera

Amzdeal® Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier Color Changing Light

Amzdeal® Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier

The Aroma Diffuser arrived in a plain brown cardboard box, inside you can see the Aroma Diffuser were individually packed for safety purposes.

Surprisingly the size of the of the Aroma Diffuser is bigger than I thought. I came with a manual instruction for you to get it started in within minutes.

The lights change to its different colours as you can see on the videos, very pretty to see in real.

It has a plastic cup included for you to use in putting water to it, I only a small amount of water to test it out.

You can set it to high/low or in a mist mode.

There’s a steam smokes coming out at the front where a hole is located.

Amzdeal® Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier Amzdeal® Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier Amzdeal® Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier