Why Yes To Valentus (Work From Home Within Minutes, Globally!)

Why did I choose Valentus among any other work-from-home?

I’ve been in business for about eight years ever since the day of my son’s existence.

Okay. I am originally from the Philippines. I’ve been living in the UK for nine years.

I worked from home for the same span of time. I was an Ebay Entrepreneur for many years, but I stopped since it no longer serves its purpose to me.

I also went from two other businesses such as Emgoldex and as a Forever Living Distributor for a few months, unfortunately, it didn’t work out because none of those is in an alignment of who I am. read more

Be A Mom You Wanted To Become


Be a mom you wanted to become, referred to as a mom who lost her self-identity for whatever reason, valid or invalid.

I was that same mom who struggled to fit all things at once. Yes, in my heart I knew I am a good mom, and my eight-year-old son could attest to that because for him I was that perfect mom since the very first day of his existence in this physical realm.

Do you know why?

Because my son loves me for who I am, and for whatever imperfections I may have, his love for me is out of this world that no amount of money could exchange for it. read more