1byone Suit-case Style Turntable with Speaker

turntableThe turntable arrived safely and packed securely for transit.

It came in a huge box with a styrofoam on both sides for added support.

This turntable reminds me of my Uncle who uses the same to play music on,
my husband who has an old music player that he couldn’t get on and now finally he has the chance to get them access to, playing unlimitedly.

We tested turntable music player and had a great time playing around.

There may be some features that we aren’t aware or haven’t tried to go further for experimentation, but it was such a great feeling to be able to hear the music that you’ve been hiding for many years.

Crystal Gayle is a favourite singer of my husband. He has a few collections of her old music player hiding behind the back burner.

Well, now that he had the chance to play it back often than he wanted to which made it a difference to keep his good old memories in place.

The turntable has a vintage feel, though, with a mixture of a modern touch, so, there is a balance in between.

It is a delicate piece that you have to be careful as you don’t want to mess it up.

Don’t you?

Take the necessary plastic covers off before you get started.

There is a tiny bit of screw at the back of the music player where you can adjust by turning up and /down so that it float when the player is on.

I love the vintage feel to it, the material made of such a quality both in and out. You can’t mess this out to give as a gift or simply to embrace the good old days.

It is a worth buying if you embrace the old-fashion style instead of the modern age nowadays.

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