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Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

stop comparing yourself to others

There is always good in every scenario, no such thing as better than the other because where you are is perfectly fine that will take to where you wanted to be.

What matter is how you make the most of where you are and from what you have. Stop comparing yourself to others by judging who gets the most blessings.

In theĀ essence of life, everyone gets the same and have its fair share of abundance.

You may be a full-time mom who has no money in your name in a human sense, but you have the privilege to spend more time with loved ones than compared to those who can’t. read more

My Role As A Mom-MyStayAtHomeMom

my role as a mom

Keeping an eye on my son’s personal economy is my last top priority. I don’t intend to give the best of every material thing my son wishes to have because I believe he can have everything he wants or needs whenever he is ready.

I am simply just a mom who keeps an eye on my personal economy rather than being worried of what future lies for my son.

Oh, yeah, call me a selfish mom, but my priority is to keep an eye on me such as my personal well-being because no one in the world can do such thing for me. read more