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Be A Mom You Wanted To Become


Be a mom you wanted to become, referred to as a mom who lost her self-identity for whatever reason, valid or invalid.

I was that same mom who struggled to fit all things at once. Yes, in my heart I knew I am a good mom, and my eight-year-old son could attest to that because for him I was that perfect mom since the very first day of his existence in this physical realm.

Do you know why?

Because my son loves me for who I am, and for whatever imperfections I may have, his love for me is out of this world that no amount of money could exchange for it. read more

Who Am I As A Mom?

who am i as a mom

I am a mom who doesn’t pay attention to the school curriculum. My son is now eight years old, and never once I teach him to read a book since the day he started to attend school early at four years old.

Yes, I tried to teach him a few words at that time which he refused to learn, So, I gave up and never once open a book for him until he reaches eight years old.

What happens now seems unbelievable, and as I have mentioned many times that your child doesn’t need you much as you think so. read more