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Who Am I As A Mom?

who am i as a mom

I am a mom who doesn’t pay attention to the school curriculum. My son is now eight years old, and never once I teach him to read a book since the day he started to attend school early at four years old.

Yes, I tried to teach him a few words at that time which he refused to learn, So, I gave up and never once open a book for him until he reaches eight years old.

What happens now seems unbelievable, and as I have mentioned many times that your child doesn’t need you much as you think so.

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Do You Want To Help Your Child? Then Leave Your Child Alone

leave your child alone

What does leave your child alone mean? Does it mean neglecting your responsibility to feed your child?

Of course not in a sense that you have to let your child go astray and let him/her go hungry. I believe you are not that dumb, and as a mom, you are standing in your physical body you have a handful responsibility to be taken at hand.

You are not just a mom, but a human being in general with individual life purpose.

I believe there are many of you trying hard to give the best of everything for your child even willing to be in debt for the sake of giving your all to your child.

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