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Be A Mom You Wanted To Become


Be a mom you wanted to become, referred to as a mom who lost her self-identity for whatever reason, valid or invalid.

I was that same mom who struggled to fit all things at once. Yes, in my heart I knew I am a good mom, and my eight-year-old son could attest to that because for him I was that perfect mom since the very first day of his existence in this physical realm.

Do you know why?

Because my son loves me for who I am, and for whatever imperfections I may have, his love for me is out of this world that no amount of money could exchange for it. read more

Know Your Why

know your why

You¬†are probably wondering what is knowing your ‘Why’, and Why is it important to identify your own ‘Why’.

There are countless of reasons behind and knowing your own ‘Why’ builds up the momentum that leads to positive outcomes.

When I get to wonder around and allowing my mind to travel to places, it gets me to a place where it tears me down big time.

The reason ¬†because it enabled me to find out my own ‘Why.’, and I couldn’t escape the reality of life, regardless how time can be so demanding in my end. read more