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Know Your Why

know your why

You¬†are probably wondering what is knowing your ‘Why’, and Why is it important to identify your own ‘Why’.

There are countless of reasons behind and knowing your own ‘Why’ builds up the momentum that leads to positive outcomes.

When I get to wonder around and allowing my mind to travel to places, it gets me to a place where it tears me down big time.

The reason ¬†because it enabled me to find out my own ‘Why.’, and I couldn’t escape the reality of life, regardless how time can be so demanding in my end.

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Don’t Let The Unwanted Fats Messed Up With Your Finances

unwanted fats

Having an excessed fats on your body is fine, provided if that makes you happy, and provided if that is what your soul is calling you to be.

There are a lot of obese women who their soul shine to the maximum and being so proud of what they’ve got even turn it into a profitable business.

Yes, because that’s where their abundance is, and they have no doubt in mind that is the kind of person they want to become which align to the core of their being.

I salute you for that.

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