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My Conversation With God

My Conversation With God

Every day one single question pop up in mind. I have no choice but to ask God Why me?
God knows I can live minimalist way. I even started getting rid of my stuff months ago to clean my mess up and to organize my finances in order.

But then God moved in mysterious ways and helping me to make it happen faster as I could even imagine.

He cleaned my mess and restored my finances. I lost almost everything such as my marriage, my personal belongings, and so as no left money on my name, the worst part I got messed up with my credit card amounting £6000. read more

Thoughts Become Things

thoughts become things

Do you believe in the saying that goes, ‘thoughts become things’?

You may or may not hear of it, but I am here to remind you that yes, thoughts become things.

Call me crazy or whatever you wish to label me as, but I have only one thing to tell you, it don’t matter to me because my thoughts matter the most than to make you believe that I am right.

We are in this living Universe wanting to receive physical manifestations and the only way to make the most of your existence you must know what you want. read more