Dealing With A Moody Wife


dealing with a moody wife

Are you a moody cow too?

I swear I am.

But, the good thing is, my moodiness brought me to a big realisation that it is okay to be one, and it is okay when at times you aren’t in your best of self.
And when moodiness strikes me big time, I let it in and acknowledge the fact that this emotion is not serving me at all, but I let myself feel bad anyway and give myself permission to be so, for a minute, an hour, or a day if necessary.
But the more I master to control my emotion, the easier the negativity subside.


I often heard a husband who moans about their wives acting like a moody shit cow, with or without any reason at all. I find it funny knowing that my husband is not the only man who suffered from having a moody wife.

I have a secret for you. The majority of the Filipino are just like that especially women. Yes. We are.

Okay, I admit. I am a Filipino who belongs to the majority and moodiness is not unknown to me. I dealt it in my preferred way that sometimes I find hard to face when it strikes at any given minute of the day.

It may be hard for my husband to keep up with me, but he finally got me to the bones, and when my moodiness occurred from time to time, it is no longer a big deal, in fact, it is more like fun to him.

Maybe because he knows my personality well enough, and that I am not a bad person, it just happens that I am moody at times, but he knows how to regain my power back, and that moodiness is no longer an issue to both of us if, for instance, he acted like one.

Yes, I am moody, but it doesn’t take that long for me to get back to my happy self. It only maybe takes a minute or two, or it could be an hour or so, but for me, being moody is normal because we are a human who experiences contrast along the way.

And so, if you have a wife or a girlfriend who throws shits on you from time to time, just laugh out loud and give her a space to recover until she’d finally come to her senses that moodiness is not helping at all.

Because, I swear to you, my husband is good at in playing tricks on me and that my moodiness can’t win him over anymore until I got tired and lost my battle.

And it ended up I no longer wanted to be in a place of moodiness because I got tired when my husband pays no attention to me.

So, I was stuck in my very own mess while he is at his happiest place.

It could be your moodiness be the reason why your marriage fails, but if you are a husband who doesn’t take it seriously and knows how to play a game, then, you’ll win.

Because ‘WOMEN’ does it for a reason, sometimes intentionally by any means, and that we wanted to feel loved, regardless.

So, if your wife in a moody shit hole, either leave her alone or cuddled her big time, offer her flowers or chocolates, or do something nice, a simple gesture works its magic, any other than will put your marriage at risk.

Why did I say that? Because that’s what my husband did to me, and it works wonder to both of us, the reason why our marriage still exists for eight years and more counting.

Oh yes, I can be moody at any time if I choose to which out of anyone’s control, same with to my husband too when he comes home from work in a bad mood.

The point here is, accept the fact that it can happen with no exceptions to any human being which it doesn’t mean that you married to a wrong person.

Just give yourself permission to be moody without getting over the top and work out your way solving the way you wanted it to be.

It is how you deal life in positive way, regardless of what level of emotions you are in, moment by moment.

Are you a moody wife too?

How does your husband deal with it?

Feel free to comment down below.


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