Dear Year 2016: Thank You For Tearing Me Apart

dear 2016

Dear Year 2016,

Thank You For Tearing Me Apart

What have you done to me may sound unpleasant, a total nerve-wracking that I couldn’t dare to fall back on.

Yes, I could still recall the tears that you brought up in my reality, but the sweetest tears I ever had in my 36 years of existence.

Would you mind me to tell you about the things that hit me big time for the whole ten months or so?

I may not want to talk any of the dramas that cause me to feel in pain but for the purpose of reminding you the bad and the good times we had, my pleasure to walk you through the journey we both created.

Do you ever remember when you let me messed up with my finances, and you waited long before I could see that I was leading the wrong way?

You could put a stop button right immediately, but you didn’t.

I was finding hard to understand why you let my tears crawled down my cheek before you decided to help me clean up the mess.

It made me feel like I was walking life on my own. It was a hell lot scary you know as I couldn’t even see your presence at that time.

But you showed up when I was about to give up. It brought so many questions that only you could help me find the missing piece.

You appeared out of the blue as you handed me all the tools I ever need or want. I gathered it all one by one as you watch me thoroughly.

I cried for I thought I lost my battle. But Hell No, it was indeed the best moment for many years when I try to look back and remembering each drop of my tears.

It made me smile as it reminds that you have my back, regardless if I see you or not.

I may not be able to see you a few days from now as you bid farewell, but before I let you go and say my Sweetest Goodbye.

Let me Thank You.

Thank You for tearing me apart because it enabled me to experience the victory that I am now experiencing in my reality.

Thank You for letting me messed up with my finances because only that way I could see the importance of every penny.

Thank You for letting me experience how it feels like to be on the verge of a divorce proceeding because only that way I could see how blessed I am to have been married to a man like him.

Thank You for taking my stuff away, the material things I kept for long unnecessarily because only that way it enabled you to shower me with plenty.

Thank You for tearing me to bits if it is the only way to come out fresh and clean.

More importantly, Thank You for making my 2016 the best year ever.


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