Do You Love Yourself Enough?

do you love yourself enough?Nowadays taking care of total well-being is now within anyone’s reach, unlike before you have to find someone to do it for you, and just like me when I was in the Philippines my mom who used to massage whenever it needs to.
But Life destined me to live a thousand miles were no mums and no family to call nearby whenever I experience such pain in certain parts of my body.
Yes, just like YOU, my life isn’t a full bed of roses, I also surrounded with thorns that torn me bits to pieces, but I managed to smile and learn to dance with life.
Living away from home is often quite hard to grasp where at times you forgot to take care of you own well-being, mainly because you taught to believe that loving yourself is an act of selfishness, and in doing so, you feel guilty to treat or buy something special for yourself.
I am not teaching you to spend money unconsciously, but I am showing you the clarity of my example that I was that person a few years ago.
Not until I realised that loving myself is the best gift I could ever give to myself. I have learned to take care of my personal well-being and so as pampering myself to the maximum level I want.
I have learned to love myself and live life according to my will. Loving myself without stepping someone else toes I believe is what God wants me to.
It is the best way of living a stress-free life knowing that everyone has the chance to live life according to their very own individual free-will which includes my son, my husband, friends and family.
How to take good care of yourself is all up to you, but make sure not to feel any guilty at all because if you do it only backfire you instead of helping you.
Having a perfect massage from head to toe is not a luxury to be so, but a must for anyone who wants to make the most of themselves while living in this space-time reality.
And so who cares if it is for luxury? And if you know that your body is asking for such a luxurious feeling, then who are you to say NO to that very person who been there with you through ups and downs?
Yes, you are good at taking care of other people, but if you neglect to take care of your very own mind, body and soul, then I can assure your help isn’t beneficial nor adds value to anyone at all.
Here are the things for you to get started, for a perfect body massage from head to toe right from the comfort of your very own home which can be used in a home office or while driving out and about, click the link down below.
I got all mine.
Happy Massage Day!

pain management rehabilitation1.Rechargeable Tens EMS Unit with Touch Screen for Pain Management Rehabilitation with 12 Modes and 8 Pads Pulse Impulse Massager for Treating Back Neck Stress Sciatic Pain Muscle Relief FDA Cleared

SIMBR Neck and Shoulder Massager




2.SIMBR Neck and Shoulder Massager With Car Power Adapter and Power Adapter for Home Office Car





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