Do You Want To Help Your Child? Then Leave Your Child Alone

leave your child alone

What does leave your child alone mean? Does it mean neglecting your responsibility to feed your child?

Of course not in a sense that you have to let your child go astray and let him/her go hungry. I believe you are not that dumb, and as a mom, you are standing in your physical body you have a handful responsibility to be taken at hand.

You are not just a mom, but a human being in general with individual life purpose.

I believe there are many of you trying hard to give the best of everything for your child even willing to be in debt for the sake of giving your all to your child.

I hear you because I am a mom too, and it is our natural state of being to provide the best possible future for our child. But when you know the essence of life, you no longer need to bury your head in the sand just to provide all the material things your child may need.

Your child can do and be whatever they wanted to be, provided if you get out of their way.

And you as a mom, your job is not to mind what is right or wrong because not all what you think is right is best for your child. Yes, you can think of many that are helpful and beneficial for your child but be mindful that your child knows themselves better than you as their mom.

I cannot speak on behalf of you as we have different beliefs in life as a mom. What am trying you to do is to have a closer look at your beliefs if it matches your life reality.

I have a seven-year-old son who means the whole world to me, but instead of focusing on what I can provide for my son financially or emotionally, I am more excited seeing him building his very own masterpiece.

Do you know why? Is because I learn the fact that we created individual, and have our body, mind and soul of our own.

The only assurance for your child to have a successful life is to let them find their very own way out which it means to let them explore the pros and cons and by showing the clarity of your example.

At early years or your child’s development, all they think about in life is to have fun, and everything they see or hear is music to their ear. There is no comparison between right or wrong the reason why they love to do things, regardless if you said No to them.

When your child loses its focus to be a thriving individual, don’t you worry just let your faith be the guiding light and that no matter what your child is doing, rest assured he is leading to the direction of where he wanted to become because a trust with faith will move mountains for them.



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