How To Use The Power Of Gratitude To Heal Your Life

How To Use The Power Of Gratitude To Heal Your Life

There may be some of you are in deep pain, or it could be struggling to make ends meet.

Probably, you are wondering why everything seems out within your reach or questioning why life is unfair?

I may not even know what kind of difficulties you are dealing with right now, but I can assure I have no right to judge you in any way.

So, let’s start with knowing the power of gratitude to heal your life. I assumed you are aware of its existence, though, you don’t know how to make the most of it.

Gratitude is a bridge connecting between you and all the things you need or possibly want, but maybe you only know a few on how to use it to your advantage.

You’ve known to use it only in an emergency or when everything is falling right into place. But when everything isn’t working at your end, you forgot to say Thank You, regardless how crazy or messy your life is.

Am I right? Yes.

Gratitude can use in both ways, through bad and good times. And saying Thank You during tough times doesn’t mean you want it to stay longer that it needs to be, but it is the only way to let it go off the negativity.

Now, here’s my gratitude for today.

Note: You can use whatever name you want to represent as your God, it could be Universe, Allah, Buddha, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s get started:

Thank You, Lord, for taking all my stuff away.

Thank you for allowing me to go this big from 50kg to 70kg.

Thank You for my messy marriage that I almost ended up to divorce my husband.

Thank You for all the painful life experiences.

Thank You for letting me maxed out my credit card, and that I owed £6000 due to my damn fat ego in the past.

Thank You for my disorganise finances way back in the past.

I just want to tell you how grateful I am for letting me messed up my life big time for without experiencing any of those negative setbacks I won’t be able to come out fresh and clean straight from my dirty old shell.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Above all, Thank You for providing me all the money I need that enabled me to pay off my £6000 credit card debt in one go.

Thank You for fixing my broken marriage.

Thank You for restoring my finances and for growing my savings account each month.

Thank You for sending people my way to supply me with all the material things I need or want for FREE.

Thank You for helping me lose weight big time.

Thank You for organising my finances according to your will.

Thank You for dragging me all the way up.

Thank You for using my words to heal other people’s pain.

Thank You for allowing me to be lazy when it needs to be.

Thank You for giving me a debt-free lifestyle.

Now, it’s your turn. Are you grateful enough?

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the power of gratitude

the power of gratitude








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