Be A Mom You Wanted To Become


Be a mom you wanted to become, referred to as a mom who lost her self-identity for whatever reason, valid or invalid.

I was that same mom who struggled to fit all things at once. Yes, in my heart I knew I am a good mom, and my eight-year-old son could attest to that because for him I was that perfect mom since the very first day of his existence in this physical realm.

Do you know why?

Because my son loves me for who I am, and for whatever imperfections I may have, his love for me is out of this world that no amount of money could exchange for it.

And that is the beauty of being a mom because being one is truly a gift.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to enjoy its fullest potential for eight years. Though, I knew my son loves me, so as I love him too the same.

But, Our love for each other as mother and son wasn’t enough to make me happy satisfactorily or enough to solidly stand the test of time NOR because I didn’t love him enough to prove my worth as a mom.

In fact, we are each other’s support system, and couldn’t live without each other presence.

But because I forgot the most important thing to complete me as a whole, and that is to be a mom I wanted to become.

I thought, I already was.

But when life turned upside down that it negatively affects the future of my son, it made me realised that being a mom is not just about exchanging love to your child, to the extent where you neglected to keep an eye on you own personal well-being.

Being a mom is more than just showing love or showered affection to your child(ren), but also having a healthy relationship towards yourself who is there for you through thick and thin.

Yes, that was the missing piece that I didn’t get access to for eight years because I thought loving my son was more than enough to add value myself as a mom.

I was finding hard to admit that I neglected myself until such day came when I could no longer handle the pain.

It was a long fight between me and my fat, damn, EGO, who’s good at convincing me to settle for anything less that I am capable of or to procrastinate which I did for eight years, but not anymore when I took action to change the course of my life.

Yes, I made it to the very end and succeeded beyond my wildest dream.

How did I know that I neglected my well-being?

I had a handful of physical evidence showing you the manifestation of my very own negligence. It was then my emotion was all over the place and so as my finances, worst was when I found out my husband cheated on me and was having an emotional affair.

Yes, to a girl he met online whom he supported financially on a weekly basis, and the day when he broke his silence to end up our nine years of marriage just to be with his newly found girlfriend, felt like the world was tumbling down on me.

Life gives me no choice but to pick my mat and walk. So, I did, and it all started with a simple decision of loving myself unconditionally to which now I am happily separated living on my own with my eight-year-old son.  (will talk more in a separate blog post). 

I picked all the pieces together and started rebuilding myself, both physically and financially. I set aside myself being a wife since my husband no longer wants to be part of the scene.

So, I decided to give all out my energy to be the best version of me which that includes being a mom I wanted to become.


Yes, with no doubt in mind, I am a good loving mom. I could feel it through my bones. But not enough to say that I am a mom I wanted to become, not even near close to it.

I thought the essence of being a mom is all about giving love and support to your child(ren). So, I did it for eight years because that is what I heard and seen to the majority. I even witnessed it to my parents.

We were taught to believe that it is okay to neglect your well-being for as long as people can see the love and attention you put into towards your child(ren).

But guess what? It isn’t enough.

Because to complete the puzzle of being a mom you wanted to become is you must learn to love yourself the same.

And to put yourself on top of your priority by taking good care of your emotion, and learn to take the rest out of the equation.

I believe you can do both at the same time, love your kid(s) so as love yourself. Yes, Why not and It is way more fun.

I kneeled it.


-Love yourself

-Care yourself

-Pamper yourself

-Watch out your food intake

-Keep fit

-Be grateful

-Forgive yourself, so as others

-Put Gratitude on top of the list

-Be physically and emotionally fit

-Do something good for yourself

-Go out and have fun with friends

-Be organised with your finances

-Don’t take life seriously

-Love your child(ren) unconditionally, No ifs No buts

-Learn to quiet your mind, be mindful, be still

-Think, act, and feel good

-Enjoy outdoors


-Spend time alone

-Do something you love, with or without kids

-Be consciously aware of your thoughts

-Serve healthy meals

-Spend quality time with you kid(s). (individually)

-Enjoy budgeting

-Pay yourself first (means saving money, regardless how little)

-Be experimentative in the kitchen

-Keep an eye on your budget

-Learn to balance your time between personal and business

-Don’t go overboard such as spoiling your kids with material things

-Pay off your debt

-Declutter your finances

-Start saving money

-Sell your unwanted stuff

-Know your monthly budget and expenses

-Keep an eye on every penny that goes in/out on your bank account

I did all the things mentioned above.

When I decluttered such as getting rid of the stuff that no longer serves its purpose to me which includes living in my physical body that is not in an alignment of who I am, and also selling my unwanted stuff, the magic begins to appear right before my eyes.

I sold almost everything and only left a few pair of clothes and shoes as I have decided to live a minimalist lifestyle, and to detached myself from earthly things, though, I am not against of having plenty, it’s just that I decided to live within my means.

And guess, What happen?

The Universe replaced it more than what I’ve lost. The money and all the material things I ever need or want appears right before my eyes without banging my head in the sand.

I paid off my debt of £6000, regardless if I had no means of income as I quit my business as eBay Entrepreneur. I lost weight big time, from 70kg to 49kg as of today. Thanks to SlimRoast.

I had business on the go at Valentus Company and became a full-time blogger.

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Where am I at now as a mom?

I am at the happiest place in my life where I am now a mom I wanted to become.

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I became more confident, not just as a mom, but as a human being in general. I get to enjoy and spend quality time with my son, with no limits to where and how provided if it makes us happy.

Since the day I decided to be the best version of me by giving my all out energy to love myself, unconditionally, I became the mom I wanted to become. I became confident to face the world on my own, and shake my hand at first glance.

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