My Conversation With God


My Conversation With God

Every day one single question pop up in mind. I have no choice but to ask God Why me?
God knows I can live minimalist way. I even started getting rid of my stuff months ago to clean my mess up and to organize my finances in order.

But then God moved in mysterious ways and helping me to make it happen faster as I could even imagine.

He cleaned my mess and restored my finances. I lost almost everything such as my marriage, my personal belongings, and so as no left money on my name, the worst part I got messed up with my credit card amounting £6000.

Yes, I was in debt due to my carelessness. But then God never left me hanging, he paid off my debt, healed my marriage, restored my finances and bring me all the material things I ever need or want at each given moment.

And that brought me to question him, Why me?

Why is Life easy for me?

Why are you helping me that quick when I am not asking you to do it in a hurry?

Why it is easy for you to say YES to me when you know that I can have all the patience in the world if necessary?

Why have you given me so much all the material things that I couldn’t even handle with my two bare hands when you know that I got rid of my stuff a while ago?

Why you healed me financially almost in an instant when you know that I can wait?

Yes, I know you took all my stuff away, but you replaced it with plenty in just a matter of few days.

Why and Why me?

The answered brought me to a big realisation when God responded me vividly, and that moment, I learned to listen to him by just working out on my belief system because God resides within me all along.

I could not say No to HIM when he poured the blessings on me like a rain. There were times I wasn’t even ready, but I learned to enjoy life, rain or shine as I get to know him not just in good times but as so as in bad times especially when no human being is available to catch me when I fall.

I am confident to receive all the material things he blesses me with each single day, and with or without the stuff I am happy to continue to live life abundantly in any way. 

But the only way to know him and have a deep conversation with him is to stop talking and learn to withdraw your attention from all the noise you hear from the outside world.

There is no way you can hear him if what you focus is the negativity that you see or hear from your five physical senses.

Because not all that you see or hear is real, there are real in life that no physical eyes could ever see, and that is what FAITH.

You must not depend on what you can only see, feel, touch or hear through your physical senses because there are real things in life that you cannot see, and that is your emotion.

How you feel matters more than any physical manifestation in the world.

And that is why when life hit you negatively right in the face, be grateful because that is the moment God works on your behalf, that is what I did when I messed up with my finances, instead of blaming myself or anyone around me, I give thanks instead.

Every negative that come your way is a step closer to where you wanted to be.

No. I don’t consider myself as a Religious person, Well, maybe in the past when I was in the Philippines seven years ago.

But then living away from home taught me so many things, surely no one tells me what should I do or what should not. In fact, I have learned the life learning lesson on my own based on my success and failure.

In life, no one can provide you with the right formula on how to live life successfully.

And even if someone will hand you over the code of life, still there will be a shadow of doubt appear from time to time, the reason because you got to find it out yourself base on how you run your life.

I am not asking you to believe my words, but to test it out yourself and see the results base on your life reality. 


Admittedly, I am not a perfect soul divine in a human sense because just like YOU I made some mistakes too. 


But as time goes by, I learn to make the most of my negative flaws and turn it to my advantage the reason it didn’t stay that long in my existence. 


It just flips in the air like nothing happens. 


To have a conversation with God is not necessarily mean that you have to worship the same God, and you don’t need to have one either because regardless if you have one or not, the so-called God you worship is there within you.


You can name it as God, Allah, Buddha, Universe or Higher-Self, depending on your Religion and I cannot name it for you. So, be comfortable without stepping someone else toes.

And the more I ask God, Why Life is good for me the more he blessed me with plenty and that lead to more question each day.

Why not affirming yourself and use affirmations such as Why, follow with positive words. In doing so, you give God no choice but to work on your behalf.







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