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my role as a mom

Keeping an eye on my son’s personal economy is my last top priority. I don’t intend to give the best of every material thing my son wishes to have because I believe he can have everything he wants or needs whenever he is ready.

I am simply just a mom who keeps an eye on my personal economy rather than being worried of what future lies for my son.

Oh yea, call me a selfish mom, but my priority is to keep an eye on me such as my personal well-being because no one in the world can do such thing for me.

Yes, I love my son, but the only way to give the best for him is to love myself.

And loving myself is to be consciously aware of my thoughts and actions that could affect my son’s future.

Seven years of being a mom, through ups and downs, I may not be entitled to call as a perfect mom, but certainly not the worst one either.

But for my son, I am the best mom in the whole Universe and that more than enough to know that I am doing a great job as a mom.

my role as a momTo my son, Kenny boy, I don’t intend to give all that you ask for because I believe material thing don’t seem to matter when you don’t know how to give any value of what you have, small or big.

And for all the material things you wish to have, it is right there before your eyes, may not come all at once, but certainly, it will when time comes you are ready to face your very own little world.

Here is a start of what life has to offer you, some of the things that you ask for even before you came into your physical body.

I don’t intend to give you all the things you need because I know that you would be better off with or without my help. But I am enjoying co-creating with you as mother and son to make both of our dreams do come true.

My role as a mom is not to identify what is right or wrong for my son, but to show the clarity of my very own example.

How about you?


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