Hello, Everyone. Welcome to our virtual home at MyStayAtHomeMum-The Law of Attraction in Action.

It evolves the life of a stay at home mom, juggled my time between personal and business all at once.

I dedicated my motherhood journey to my son Kenny boy who did a good job in helping me to make my life as a mom as easy as it can be. It wasn’t this easy and stress-free if not because of him.

My parenting works its wonder because I didn’t do it all by myself. I passed the responsibility that doesn’t belong to me which we both enjoying co-creating each other as mother and son.

I am a full-time stay at home mom for seven years who does all the household chores from cooking, cleaning, blogging, book writing, keeping an eye on my personal economy, and so as my very own support system.


In this virtual home of ours, I share pretty much of everything, from parenting, money saving tips, business, self-development, marriage and spirituality.

It is my overall journey towards life. I am a fan of learning and applying the law of attraction in my day to day lives.

The reason why MyStayAtHomeMum-The Law Of Attraction In Action comes to life as it is my way of putting my thoughts into words.

Law of attraction comes into the surface because it requires no effort on my part as everything I do base on the power of my mind.

Yes, it takes two to tango to be a parent, and I am glad my son is dancing along with me.