Setting My Intention For The Next 30 Days

setting my intention for the next 30 days

I believe an intention is a powerful tool to make your goals do come true. I successfully did it in the past enabled me to save money, regardless if I have no means of income, but the God/Universe works in mysterious ways that no physical eyes can afford to see.

What are my intentions for the next 30 days?

My intention is to find and to work up close with ideal clients.

Who are my ideal clients?

An ideal client who is ready to work with me without a shadow of any doubt.

I believe that my ideal clients are right there waiting for me and it is only a matter of time for us to meet and bump each other in whatever way.

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Working From Home With Valentus Company

work from home with valentus

Working from home is addicting, it gives you the pleasure of exploring your hands to the maximum.

I lived in the UK for nine years and never been tried working outside the home since the day of my arrival.

And right after I gave birth to my son who is now eight years old in two days time, I solely focus on adding value myself as a better individual not just as a mom, but so as a wife.

I lost my battle a handful of times, though, I experienced being in a business where money is no longer a problem.

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