Who Am I As A Mom?

who am i as a mom

I am a mom who doesn’t pay attention to the school curriculum. My son is now eight years old, and never once I teach him to read a book since the day he started to attend school early at four years old.

Yes, I tried to teach him a few words at that time which he refused to learn, So, I gave up and never once open a book for him until he reaches eight years old.

What happens now seems unbelievable, and as I have mentioned many times that your child doesn’t need you much as you think so.

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52 Week Money Saving Challenge-MyStayAtHomeMum

52 money week saving challenge

The year 2016 went by so fast.

Have you asked yourself what are the things that you badly need to change or things that you haven’t done due to being scared of the unknown?

Let’s talk about finances. Shall we?

Here are the questions that I need you to answer:

How stable are you Financially?

And if at any time today, you get fired and lost your job or divorce may happen, would you be able to support yourself with or without your husband?

How long have you been in business?

How long have you been employed?

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