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I am Mary Ann Garson from the UK, a full-time mom and a blogger under self-development niche, and so as in the process of becoming an Author.

I describe myself as a person who has so many things to offer regarding delivering a positive message to the world. I am a handful mom who tries to balance things out, though, at times I failed to get the outcomes I want.

I failed beyond my wildest dreams, but in the end, it turns out to be the best thing that ever happens. I have my fair share of success and failure that inspires me to reach out to the millions and to show the clarity of my example.

I love to read inspiring books that can add value myself as a mom or as a human being in general.

I am a mother of a seven-year-old boy who loves to play computer games such as Xbox 360 and so as collecting nerf guns and remote control cars, much more so he believes that he is a millionaire kid in the making who thinks he can be the same as Bill Gates.

Funny enough, he is so obsessed with getting a Bugatti car when he reaches 16.

And as a mother, I promise not to interfere whatever he thinks is right for him as I won’t allow myself to put a strain on his fragile mind.

He has a passion at heart to be a Vlogger which I let him do find his way even at an early age.

As a wife, I do take my job seriously not because my husband demanded me to do so, but because it is my way of adding value myself not just in our home, but so as to the marketplace.

I love cooking, baking which in fact, it gives me the opportunity to save money on grocery as I cook literally from scratch.

I like to experiment things in the kitchen or do anything of any kind that could save me money from; I had success in saving money from the grocery which enabled me to pay off my credit card debt that I accumulated due to my damn fat ego in the past.

Living debt-free is my motto not just temporarily, but till the end of my lifetime here on earth.

My life purpose is to be a mom and a wife I wanted to become, so I make sure that when I do things it serves its purpose to me such as taking care of my overall total being.

I love fashion, mainly, clothes, shoes and accessories. I have a good eye on it. I was an Ebay Entrepreneur for years, but early 2015 when I decided to stop to follow my passion for writing.

I love bargains and always be buying stuff for less, regardless of how much amount of money I have. I am also a fan of shopping at Charity shops, mainly, everything from head to toe.

Because for me minding my personal economy brings me in peace and clarity in many ways as I’ve learned my lesson the hard way.

So, enjoy and have fun learning my way as a person I am and let’s get to know each other on a deep soul level.