Stop Chasing Your Dreams And Start Living Them


stop chasing your dreams and start living them

Stop Chasing Your Dreams And Start Living Them

What does it mean?

Does it sound good to you? Or it sounds crazy, unbelievable, and nerve-racking ordeal.

Oh right, I got you. I have been there almost my whole 36 years of existence, chasing my dreams all my life. I chased almost possible way so much that I lost my balance.

Yes, I kept chasing until it torn me bits to pieces, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

No one told me in the slightest way to stop chasing my dreams, instead start living them, and if only I know, I wouldn’t experience that kind of unnecessary dramas in life.

It costs me big time to the extent where my marriage suffered, my finances went down the drain, and so as having a constant weight gained due to my emotional imbalance.

I lost my battle, feeling like a failure, but it didn’t stop me to fix my mess up and walk as if like the victory is mine.

And since then, I no longer chase my dreams, I let it come as it goes, and start living it as if like I have it in my reality.

Yes, just like you, I have this dreams too, but instead of waiting for it to happen, I act as if it’s already here, and that is when the magic begins to appear, right even before my eyes.

Chasing your dream is an act of desperation, anything that goes with negative emotion isn’t the best way to go.

For now, I got everything I need; financially I am back on track, my marriage is in the perfect place, debt free, so as the business is up and running.

More importantly, I lost weight which part of my total soul makeover, will be posted photos the day of my book launching.

Above all things mentioned happen since I stop chasing my dream.

How about you?

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