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Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

stop comparing yourself to others

There is always good in every scenario, no such thing as better than the other because where you are is perfectly fine that will take to where you wanted to be.

What matter is how you make the most of where you are and from what you have. Stop comparing yourself to others by judging who gets the most blessings.

In theĀ essence of life, everyone gets the same and have its fair share of abundance.

You may be a full-time mom who has no money in your name in a human sense, but you have the privilege to spend more time with loved ones than compared to those who can’t. read more

How To Use The Power Of Gratitude To Heal Your Life

How To Use The Power Of Gratitude To Heal Your Life

There may be some of you are in deep pain, or it could be struggling to make ends meet.

Probably, you are wondering why everything seemsĀ out within your reach or questioning why life is unfair?

I may not even know what kind of difficulties you are dealing with right now, but I can assure I have no right to judge you in any way.

So, let’s start with knowing the power of gratitude to heal your life. I assumed you are aware of its existence, though, you don’t know how to make the most of it. read more