When God Pushes You To The Limits

when god pushes you to the limits


God pushes you to the limits.

I bet you have this moment of time when it feels like the world is tumbling down or if what you do in life serves its purpose to you.

And you began to wonder how long God will stretch you beyond your limit.

Yes, suicidal thought starts to appear out in the blue because that is the easiest way you can do to escape the negativity that you are facing in your life reality.

But the majority doesn’t even know that when God put you in a situation that is outside in your comfort zone that is when God is working on your behalf.

It happens for a reason or else you won’t get to a place where you wanted it to be.

I believe you are these wonderful human being who deserve all the greatness and possibilities in life but knowing isn’t enough because you want a physical evidence to prove how much God loves you without having to experience all the dramas in life.

But sadly, Life doesn’t work that way, and to know what you want, you must first know what you don’t want.

And knowing what you don’t want has its advantages if you know how to use it to your benefits.

Just give you an example a couple of months way back, I was in an awful shape, not just financially, but also in my marriage life.

No one knows what I have been through not even a single family back home because all I want is to be positive, regardless of my current circumstances.

I struggled to balance things out between personal and business, I lost my business and had no money left to my name, plus I suffered from my constant weight gain, on top of that I owed £6000 on my credit card that was due to my damn fat ego.

God left me no choice, but to pick my mat and walk. Yes, just like YOU, I questioned God’s existence and asked to show me the way.

I was so ready to end the marriage and have my bag packed ready to go and live somewhere to start a brand new life together with my seven-year-old son.

But then, I heard God voices whispered right in my two ears, so vivid that I could hear even when I am in my deep sleep, and that is when my blogging journey started.

Days later, I have seen God works on my behalf; he answered everything that I needed to know.

Everything is picking up and back to its normal. I have now the best life ever and have now started my passion in writing and becoming an Author.

Yes, God paid off my credit card debt of £6000, and that is even having no business at all. It amazed me big time because the money started to appear from various forms and in my very own eyes, and have no idea how it happens.

Not just that God paid my debt, but he also brings people, events/situation to get me to where I want.

Yes, living debt free, lost weight big time, able to save money monthly equivalent to working full-time,  renewed my marriage vows, on top of all, I kept reminding myself to keep my finances organize and in order.

Yes, God pushes me to the limits, but indeed the best thing that ever happens.

How about you?

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